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Pre-construction is a fundamental part of any construction project. This is a stage, where estimates of project costs and time are produced together with the consideration of constructability issues. Thorough and sensibly prepared cost estimates are essential to predict the most likely budget for a project. It is of prime importance that client organisations realise that project estimates are only best possible approximations i.e. predictions and expecting them to be accurate in accounting sense would be totally unrealistic.

Involvement of contractor at this early stage can be of immense benefit to the client. The contractors’ experience can aid the architects/design engineers to design with suitable aesthetics and at the same time meet the budgetary and time schedule requirements.

MDL provides its clients with estimation and quantity surveying (QS) services either as part of the initiation stage of a specific project or as an independent professional consulting service. During the tendering stage of any project, MDL performs the QS function by pricing up the project on an item-by-item basis. The schedule of rates i.e. Bill of Quantities (B.O.Q.) is used to provide rates for individual work activities and their quantities. In effect, we prepare an initial estimate of the project cost or price up the job for the client, which is then used as the basis for competitive tendering. We also undertake cost planning and commercial support function for our clients looking to obtain realistic construction budgets. We work with our clients to work out the scope of a project and an overall development strategy. For realistic estimates, client needs to have clear, concise and accurate objectives i.e. project definition. MDL, through its pre-construction operation, develops an appropriate project definition by exchanging information in an open environment amongst all parties. Numerous cost estimating techniques are used to ensure cost estimates are reliable, practical and take into account any contingencies, risks associated.


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