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MDL provides a comprehensive service for the traditional/conventional style contracts typical of the construction industry. After completing the design, the Architect is then responsible for the supervision of construction. MDL, as a general contractor, executes the construction of the project utilising Architect’s design, as per its contract with the client.

MDL has a considerable general contracting experience wherein it has delivered Civil Engineering & Building services to a variety of private as well as public sector clients. Typically most Architect-led projects undertaken are negotiated or secured on a two-stage tendering/bidding basis.

The key facets of our general contracting service include:

• Civil work
• Electrical work
• Mechanical work

Our personnel provide office support, field administration, supervision, scheduling of work and coordination with sub-contractors and suppliers. We also self perform various aspects of the work with our own experienced craft workers. We take great pride in our workmanship and our reputation for quality and timely construction speaks for itself. Our reputation has been firmly built through sheer dedication and commitment for excellence as well as continuous improvement.

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